Welcome to Lazarus Ioannou’s archive of art. It’s a selection of varied pieces over a decade of creativity from approximately 1990 to somewhere near the present. Most reflect his urban experience from his Art school days – to his years as an Art Director in Advertising – to relationships both blooming and failed – to foreshadowing of his current nature inspired creations. Most and more are available for sale but some are now owned by Private and Corporate collections. Enjoy, and please feel free to comment – art is subjective because everyone brings their own experiences and perspective to how it is interpreted.

PAST PAINTINGS: 1990 – 2006:

“BLENDER GIRL”, acrylic on wood, 4′ x 2′

“FLAMENCO PAMELA”, acrylic on canvas, 2′ x 3′, OWNED: Briz Private Collection

“MIDTOWN BAR”, acrylic, mixed media on wood, 3′ x 1′, OWNED: Topix Mad Dog Animation Toronto


“HOMESICK 2”, acrylic on wood, 2′ x 4′, OWNED: Kassel Private Collection

“LAZ: SELF YOUNG”, acrylic on canvas, 2′ x 3′


“BITTER COFFEE”, acrylic on wood, 4′ x 2′


“LOVE SEAT”, acrylic on wood, 2′ x 4′, OWNED: Private Collector


THINK”, acrylic on plaster relief and wood, 7″ x 16″


“ICON”, acrylic on canvas, 20″ x 24″


“HAZE”, acrylic on wood, 45″ x 24″

“FIRST KILL”, acrylic on canvas, 9″ x 12″

“BITTER MOUTH”, acrylic on wood, 10″ x 22″

“HOMESICK”, acrylic on wood, 13″ x 49″

“STRIP MALL”, acrylic on wood, 24″ x 24″, OWNED: Gildner Private Collection

Holly Morrow said:
May 16, 2008 at 4:46 pm e

Laz – your work is absolutely SUPERB! Have recently read about your achievements – congratulations! You may have to get a “hint” as to who I am!! lol! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!!

2 Responses to “ART ARCHIVES”

  1. Christy said

    I love love love “FLAMENCO PAMELA”. Welcome to Bruce County! So glad you are here.

  2. Jeff King said

    Hi Laz,

    This is just spectacular work! I am quite sure I remember you having some of the art above in your office during our days in the ad biz.

    Wishing you all the best in Bruce County. Please keep me up-to-date on any further art exhibitions.

    Take care,


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